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Ben Brantley of The New York Times

“Utterly absorbing and unexpectedly moving”

“There is never any question of its not holding your attention.”

Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods

“Edgar Oliver’s stories of Savannah family witchery and madness give a new meaning to Southern Gothic. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to hear Edgar’s unique voice and tales in The Moth have some idea what to expect, and know that we are in for a treat.”

Scott Brown of New York Magazine

Helen & Edgar ravels out a tale as sui generis and unclassifiable as Oliver’s accent: a hopscotch accounting, funny and frightening.”

“Oliver, with nothing but his alien timbre and a few perfectly chosen gestures, captivates and mesmerizes as we laugh and gasp at the agonizing, exhilarating upbringing that shaped his one-of-a-kind voice, hewed it out of insanity, chaos, and, most troublingly of all, love.”

The New Yorker

“The vignettes would be funny anyway, but Oliver’s wondrously bizarre delivery … makes them resonate. Whether Mother is having her ‘sorrowful rages,’ ‘doing her foolishness,’ or fortifying herself with a tumbler of Seven-and-Seven ‘for courage’ as she drives to see her own mother, Oliver’s love for her—and ours—grows with each strange, sad tale.”

Metro New York

“Here’s the thing about one-man shows: There’s a 50/50 chance they’ll suck, and even the best ones shouldn’t have the hubris to last past an hour and a half. But ‘Helen & Edgar’ is the exception.”

“Oliver takes listeners on a raw, riveting and — despite its eccentricity — highly relatable journey. After all, what adult hasn’t suffered along the path to freedom from their parents and past? But can these two especially affected siblings ever truly escape their mother and become well-adjusted independents? It’s just $25 for one hell of a fascinating Southern Gothic folktale to find out.”

Michael Giltz of The Huffington Post

“I enjoyed myself immensely and each tale on its own was certainly vivid and memorable.

“His talent is unique and clear.”

Martin Denton of

“All of this is conveyed through Oliver’s marvelously evocative words, delivered inimitably in a persona that he wears easily—the unusual voice, the spare use of gesture, the strange connection with everyone in the room that he so effortlessly manages despite wearing his otherness so obviously on his sleeve. Oliver is a masterful storyteller, and his fans at the opening night performance were delighted by pretty much everything he did.”

“I still want more of Edgar Oliver. There are many more stories that he needs to share with us.”

Ron Cohen of

“The performer, in his exceptionally distinctive manner, seems to joyfully relish the telling of it—and the pleasure is infectious. There are hints of pathos, but the laughs far outnumber them.”

“There’s no denying that Oliver’s persona makes for an enthralling show.”


And many more!

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