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New Hampshire Public Radio

Virginia Prescott interviews Edgar Oliver

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The New York Times

Ben Brantley calls Helen & Edgar “utterly absorbing and unexpectedly moving”

At Home in a House of Horrors

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

“The waitress at the Brazier Burger drive-in in Savannah got it right, sort of, when she decided that Edgar Oliver and his sister must be from Transylvania. Mr. Oliver was a little boy, and had rarely ventured far from his Georgia home, when that assessment was made. But if he talked anything like the way he does today, it was a logical assumption.” Read more…


A BUS CALLED WANDA: Telling Tales Across Georgia

The New York Times, Joan Juliet Buck

There were scorch marks on the landing outside the guest room at cousin Alvin’s, but I slept well on the first night in Savannah, Ga. A young woman named Elna Baker was in the bedroom across the landing. The next afternoon someone let on that my room was where “that young man set himself on fire, though he died across the hall in the kitchen” and added that Elna’s room was where “that poor heartbroken girl killed herself.” I didn’t tell Elna, but nor did I sleep at all on the second night. I’d wanted to go deep into the heart of storytelling, and now, clearly, I was there. Read more…

HELEN AND EDGAR Makes Off-Off Broadway Premiere

The creative team behind storytelling juggernaut The Moth will join with acclaimed raconteur Edgar Oliver this fall to present the world premiere of Helen & Edgar, a mesmerizing, hilarious and heartbreaking tale of Oliver and his sister Helen’s strange childhood in Savannah, and their mother’s struggle with madness.

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Vanity Fair

Books: The Making of Downtown Icon Edgar Oliver’s The Brooklyn Public Library

“Edgar Oliver, the reigning eccentric uncle of New York City’s downtown theater scene, speaks in tones and rhythms so unusual that his voice sticks in a listener’s mind—gum on the auditory cortex..”

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